Insulated Boxes, Polybins, Polyboxes, Polystyrene Containers

PolybinsLong Plastics manufacture a wide range of moulded EPS boxes.

We specialise in high quality export boxes which comply to strict health regulations, strength requirements, airline restrictions as well as the customers own unique needs.

Made in a variety of sizes and specifications for individual requirements, the range includes, salmon boxes, lobster boxes, live fish boxes, wine packs, meal boxes, oyster pottle boxes, eel boxes, groper boxes, growing boes and more..

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Customised Packaging

Customised packagingPackaging that reduces breakages is essential in providing quality service, and containing costs. Long Plastics provide these solutions through experience, design, innovation and technology. We like to work closely with our clients.

At Long Plastics we concentrate on total performance solutions to packaging, not just material specific solutions.

Extensive experience in EPS customised packaging design ensures we offer ultimate packaging solutions. Whether the need is for accuracy, protection, looks, insulation, cost, strength, durability, or weight considerations. We guarantee satisfaction.

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Building Products

Building ProductsLong Plastics are one of New Zealand’s most advanced manufacturers of EPS building products, these include, Insulform Building Blocks, Allied SUPERslab, Firth Ribraft Waffle Pods and Cornerstone Construction EPS home construction.

All our building products are made to consistent high quality and delivered “just in time” to our clients.

Architectural polystyrene used in the creation of building features is another widely used application for EPS. CAD CAM technology is employed to cut almost any shape required, with a high degree of accuracy.

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Customised Products

Product DevelopmentBecause of its versatility, EPS is often called upon to solve many varied problems.

Conference displays, signage, plant trays, windsurfer blanks, growing trays, insulated food containers, drain surrounds, void formers, electronic packaging, building blocks, dishwasher packaging, wall oven packaging, airfreight pallets, child carseats, wine packaging, the list is endless. We provide these solutions.

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Polycut ProductsWhether it is polystyrene sheets for wall cladding, or under-floor insulation, or cut to size panels for packaging, we are able to fulfill your requirements in a range of thickness from 10 millimeter to 600 millimeters.

Sheet sizes are from 2400*1200 mm to 4800*1200 mm.

With our range of Polycut products, we can provide:

  • Underfloor Insulation
  • Mouldings
  • Columns
  • Signage
  • Cladding
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