Product Development


Product Development
Before we do anything we consult with our clients to ensure all questions have been asked, all contingencies provided for, and the right solutions are created.

This is the crucial first step in satisfying our clients and ourselves.

Environmental Measurement

The impact on our environment is an important factor for any product development. Every stage of the product’s life cycle must be assessed for minimum impact, maximum efficiency.

Material Testing

We source only the best raw materials and employ strict ISO 9002 quality programs in our manufacturing process. Testing is an essential and continuous part of our program to ensure only the best materials are used and the best products are produced consistently, every time.

Product Design

Product designs is a Long Plastics strength. Knowledge and experience means we are abe to offer the best solutions. We employ the latest technology to enable test products to be developed and improvements made. Every facet is considered in the design, distribution, environment, product, packaging, humidity, usability, cost and efficiency.

Product Testing

Experience has shown that continued testing at every stage of the product development is crucial for the end products integrity. During evaluations of shock, vibration and resistance to temperature and humidity extremes, our techniques define inherent strengths and pinpoint weaknesses.

Ongoing Improvement Solutions

A product is never truly finished. Needs and demands change and we need to change with them. Improvements are always sort and better ways found. This is part of our philosophy to develop long term partnerships with our clients.